21.3. TranceTanz Live Stream aus der Schweiz

23.03. 20 Uhr Livestream TranceDance mit somosorganicos.ch

Dieses Event wurde Live gezeigt und ist jetzt als Video abrufbar.

Trance dance Live Music from www.somosorganicos.ch Donations: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… 😍Please help us to grow as Artists with a donation😍 Starting Saturday 21th – 8PM (MEZ) *Originally planned as cacao ceremony in Zürich, we decided to make it possible as streaming event. You can brew your own cacao at home and drink it with us at the beginning of the session* 🤩PLEASE SUBSCRIBE🤩 😍Please help us to grow as Artists with a donation😍 🌺THANK YOU 🌺 About us: „There are many ways to see through the veils of our day to day life, our history or our decisions, and a very powerful tool is dancing and movement. Since over 10 years Somos Organicos have been exploring rhythms and sound, which help us to go into trance to take us on a clarifying journey through our inner world.“ Supported by : www.cacaobliss.ch www.elodia.ch www.tucton.ch www.silviohaechler.com